We accept cash, personal or business checks, MasterCard and Visa.

Individual Accounts:

First-time clients are asked to pay a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance is due at the time the order is picked up. If the order is to be shipped, full payment is required before the order can be sent out. On subsequent orders, we may extend payment terms that allow for payment at the time of pick-up.

Corporate, Governmental, Educational and Municipal Accounts:

No deposit is required. We can invoice at the time the order is placed or mail an invoice upon completion extending Net30 terms. We can also accept corporate or institutional purchasing cards, as long as they bear the MasterCard or Visa logo. If your company/department requires a purchase order number, please provide us with the P.O. when the order is placed and we will make sure it appears on the final invoice.

Student Organizations:

If you are an officially recognized student organization at UNC and plan to pay with funds from your Student Activities Fund Office (SAFO) account, we can send you an invoice prior to pick-up so your check request can be processed. (Typically, SAFO does not mail us checks directly. Delivery of payment is the responsibility of the organization.)

Sales Tax Exemptions:

For most non-profit organizations, the State of North Carolina requires that you pay sales tax to a vendor. Please visit the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s website to find out if your group is entitled to file for reimbursement after the purchase is made. In some cases, organizations will have a Certificate of Exemption on file. Check with your organization’s financial officer or accountant for more information before payment is due.

For resellers, you are entitled to an exemption from paying sales tax, provided you have the necessary permits at the time the sale is made. If you are claiming an exemption from paying sales tax, you must download and complete the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption form (E-595E) and provide a signed copy for our files.

For UNC departments, you are entitled to exemption from sales tax provided you supply us with a purchase order bearing the general exemption number or payment is made with a university-issued check, purchase card or credit account. Please note that SAFO account funds are not exempt from sales tax.