Choosing an item: You can browse our online catalog or come in to look at a paper catalog. After deciding on a style and color of garment, you will want to check with your group for specific sizes. (If ordering for general sales, we’ll be happy to help you estimate size breakdowns based on our past experience.) Most items can be ordered in whatever quantities you need. (For example, an order could consist of 16 smalls, 3 larges, 1 extra-large.)

Once your totals are confirmed and we have all the necessary information, we’ll order the items from our distributor, double-check for accuracy when they arrive, and prepare the items to be printed.

Making a design: If we are creating a design for you, we’ll put together some options based on your ideas and e-mail you a PDF proof. (You should receive the proof about 7 days before your order is due for pick-up.) If you have your design already prepared, we’ll take your file and make the necessary pre-press adjustments to it, then send you a proof. At this point, you can tell us if you have revisions or tell us we have your final approval. (Please note┬áthe importance of viewing this proof very carefully and with an extreme eye for detail. When approved, this is the exact image we use to go forward with printing.)

Pre-press and printing: After you approve the design, we generate color separations and print “films” (computer-generated transparencies) of your design, then “burn” (expose them to light with a photographic emulsion) those images onto “screens” (wood or metal frames with tightly stretched nylon/polyester material). The screens are loaded onto the press and then “registered” (lined-up exactly) so that when printed one after another, they make up the complete design with all its colors.

Packaging and pick-up: After all your shirts are printed, they are sorted by size, then packaged in bundles of up to 12 shirts. Once everything is boxed, we’ll call to let you know that they are ready for pick-up. When you arrive, you’ll be asked to count your shirts to verify the totals and then sign for the order. (During processing, the shirts are counted at least 3 times. Many of our clients trust our counts and waive the counting process.)