The cost for a project varies based on the quantity, type of item, how many locations on the item are being printed, and how many colors are in the design. So, a price list just can’t tell the whole story. We’re glad to provide you with a quote for whatever sort of project you envision. For design services, please e-mail us with a detailed description and we can go from there. And…you can always call us to set up an appointment to stop by and talk to a real human being.

Standard Fees

Screen fees are billed at $20 per screen. (Usually, each ink color and placement requires a separate screen. When possible, we try to combine images to lower your cost. We can confirm this after reviewing your artwork.) For orders over 200 total pieces, we offer free screens for single-color prints and half-priced screens on multi-color prints. No set-up fees are charged for repeat orders if there are no changes to the design and the minimum quantities are met.

The first hour of art assembly is included with your printing order at no charge. If the project requires more time, design fees are billed at $30 per hour. For design projects not done in conjunction with a printing project, design fees are billed at $45 per hour.

Ink changes are billed at $5 per screen and per placement. (However we ask that you order at least 12 shirts per ink color.)

Standard Requirements

Our minimum for screenprinting is 12 items per ink color. A two-color design would have a minimum order of 24 pieces, a three-color would require 36, and so forth. We can print up to 6 spot colors on any colored shirt or 4-color process, which mimics a full-color photograph, on white or natural shirts. (Please see our What We Do section for more details.)

In most cases, we provide the items to be printed (you can check out the online catalog herebut we will print on customer-supplied garments provided the style meets our prior approval. If you will be providing the garments, please contact us to discuss your project.

Turnaround time is approximately two weeks (14 calendar days) for a production run of less than 400 items. Allow about three weeks for quantities greater than 400. If you need something faster, we’ll do our best to work within your deadline. Please note that we cannot schedule your project until we have a confirmed shirt order and your art concept or design. It’s always good to plan in advance since our schedule can fill up quickly, especially in the spring and fall seasons.