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Art and design styles are as varied as the individuals who create them. From crayon drawings to the latest version of Illustrator, we see them all. (Scroll down this page to see some of our favorite Bread & Butter design projects.)

At Bread & Butter, we help your printing project get a solid start by offering the first hour of design time at no charge. (We find this to be adequate in most cases. If more assistance is required, additional design time is billed at $30/hour.) Please note that you must have a confirmed order before we start any design work.

We can also create designs for many other needs: logos, business cards, letterhead and corporate identity to name a few. We can assist you in the creation of Facebook and web pages and can revive low-resolution web images. Work is done on an hourly basis with an up-front quote and is billed at $45/hour when not in conjunction with a screenprinting order.

If you will be submitting a design digitally, here are some helpful guidelines:

Our preferred format is Adobe Illustrator (CS4 through CS6, .AI, .SVG or .EPS files.) If using another vector program (Corel for example), files can be sent as PDFs. Art sent in these formats is considered ready-to-go and almost never require an additional art fee.

The next best thing to a vector file is a high-resolution .PNG, .JPEG or Photoshop file. We are able to “trace” it in Illustrator for a fairly accurate representation of your original. (We can review the art and let you know if it will require additional art fees.) Please note that any low-resolution graphic (especially anything pulled off a website) is virtually useless to our process. These images require complete reconstruction and may need some graphic substitutions.

If hand-drawing is your thing, you can scan it and email it as a high-resolution .PNG or .JPEG (or you can bring the original in and we’ll scan it for you).

Design Gallery

Here are some of our favorite design creations, old and new. We hope these may give you inspiration for your next printing project.


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