Welcome to Bread & Butter Screenprinting’s Design Lab.
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Here at Bread & Butter we can help you create a wide range and variety of quality t-shirt designs, but we also know that sometimes it’s helpful to visualize ideas before finalizing a concept or placing an order.
Our design lab is a simple tool that offers a place to check out some of our unique clipart and fonts, and try out your design ideas before placing an order with us.

In our design lab you will find tons of clipart and a variety of fonts to use in the creation of your design.
Start by first setting up an account and from there you’ll be able to save your designs on our server to use with your next print project. You can also design as a guest but none of the designs will be saved.

Please check out our Quick Start Guide before proceeding. These easy to follow steps will have you designing in no time!

Feeling stumped? For additional inspiration you can view our design gallery.  Once you are in the design lab you can also access some design ideas that were created in our lab (by clicking on the Design Ideas tab).

Have some questions about how to use the design lab? Please check out our comprehensive tutorial for assistance. Both the tutorial and quick start guide will pop under in a new tab so that they can be easily referenced as you go along.

Once you have a saved design that you would like to order or receive a quote on please contact us at tshirts@bread-butter.com to let us know the name and details of your design.

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